3-Year-Old Taken Off Life Support 6 Months After Inhaling Tiny Popcorn Kernel

It’s a tragic story we can all learn from.

Despite the many differences we might have as individuals, it is universal that there is nothing more tragic than the death of a child. Life so briefly lived seems entirely unfair, and no parent wants to outlive their children.

Devastatingly, though, some children pass away before they have had a chance to truly live and experience all the world has to offer. When this happens, it is always a small reassurance that their death might make a difference for other tiny humans.

Mirranda Grace Lawson’s parents are hoping that their daughter’s passing might be a valuable lesson for other parents, and save the lives of many tiny toddlers.

Three-year-old Mirranda unfortunately died in November 2016, just six months after choking on a tiny popcorn kernel.


Her death was an awful accident, but her parents are sharing their story to raise awareness about surprising, everyday choking hazards so that other families know about these seemingly unlikely risks.

In May 2016, mom Alison Lawson was celebrating her birthday at home with her children and husband Patrick. The family spent a wonderful day together until the day was coming to an end…

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