The 30 Most Embarrassing Moments Ever Captured On Camera.

#2 is that what I think it is?

We all have at one point or another gone through an embarrassing moment or two. The type of event that is so humiliating and mortifying, you wouldn’t dare share it with anyone else. Better yet to take it with you to your grave than have to relieve the experience over and over again.

It’s bad enough that it happened, there is no need to mention it again. In an ideal world, our worse experience happened to us alone or somewhere around the world that is so remote, no one knows who you are or has a way to track you down. The reality is not that, unfortunately.

What makes it worse is people everywhere, carrying mobile phones with cameras in them ready to snap your photo in seconds. It’s worse that these cringeworthy moments get exposed for everyone to see and laugh at. Just when you thought you were over the traumatizing incident, it shows up to haunt you not only in your dreams but also while awake.

#1. She thought she could hold it a bit longer, her bowels said “I don’t think so!”

Putting your hand didn’t stop the pee when you were a toddler, it won’t work as an adult either.

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#2. She was a canine in a past life and thought she could transfer those skills over.

Using her hands would have made this situation less painful.

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#3. It is exactly what you think it is. When you are not feeling well, listen to your body and stay home.

Fair to say, there will not be a second or third date.

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#4. Two besties who grew up together but just developed differently.

Nothing gets in the way of their friendship.

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#5. When you are a sleeper that likes to cuddle.

In his defence, he had no idea what he was grabbing.

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