Grandpa Is About To Pass Away, So He Makes The Family The Perfect Present To Remember Him

What would you do if your Grandad gave you this on his last Christmas?

The passing of a loved one is always hard to deal with. We all mourn and grieve their passing, and we often find ourselves praying, regardless if we believe or not, that it’s all been one huge joke.

What’s just as hard is knowing that a loved one is dying. Especially at Christmas time.

via: auntyacid

You have to cope with the process of losing them, knowing that this may be the last moment you share with them. It can often make it a lot harder, both mentally and physically.

Unfortunately, this is happening to one family this Christmas. They whole family know that it will be their grandad’s last Christmas with them. It’s impossible to imagine how heartbreaking this Christmas must be for the family.

Despite knowing he was going to die, this Grandad did something extraordinary. He decided to do something in advance of his death to make the process easier for his family.

The grandad created a pillow using his favorite shirt.

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