Mom Places Her Son In A Shopping Cart, The Next Day He Wakes Up With A 103 Degree Fever

10-month-old Logan was with his mother shopping. The next day he became seriously ill.

We all know how easily a disease or bacteria can spread. Simply being close to someone suffering from a cold or flu could put you at risk of catching their cold. No one wants that!

But we quite often forget how easily bacteria can spread, making us and our loved ones in danger if being ill. Unfortunately for Vivienne Wardrop, her child got seriously ill. All because of one simple mistake.

via: auntyacid

Vivienne went to the supermarket to do a quick shop to top up her kitchen cupboards. She took along her 10-month-old son, Logan.

But the next day, tragedy struck. Logan woke up with a dangerously high fever and he was rushed to the doctor. ‘He had diarrhea everywhere,’ she said in an interview. ‘I was trying to give him a bottle and he was vomiting.’

via: auntyacid

However, the doctor told Vivienne that it was just a simple fever and sent them both home. Unfortunately, Logan only got worse and Vivienne took him to the local hospital.

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