People Are Saying This Magical Creature Is ‘The World’s Most Beautiful Horse.’

She looks magical.

There’s no shortage of beautiful species populating the planet. In fact, human beings are among them. But there are some majestic creatures in the animal kingdom that will simply take your breath away with their magnificence. Take horses for example. Now we all know horses are overwhelmingly beautiful. But in Turkmenistan, there’s a rare breed of horse called “Akhal-Teke”, who have a coat that you have got to see to believe. These stallions are believe to be at least three thousand years old, which means they’ve been bewitching humanity with their golden coats for centuries.

The Akhal-Teke are agile, and fast creatures, but they have a feature that no other steed can claim.

Their blonde coats are so shiny and beautiful that it almost looks metallic in the sunlight.

Pascal Mouawad

In China, they’re known as “horses from heaven,” and with good reason.

They look like something that came out of some ancient Greek Myth. Unfortunately, they are so rare that there are only 1,250 in existence.


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