She Was Stabbed 32 Times, 3 Years Later The EMT Who Saved Her Hands Her A Note.

Best happy ending ever.

It can be so difficult to find love. In fact, most people go through life looking and finding what they think is true love, only to learn that it’s anything but that. However, some loves can kill you, or at least they’ll literally make the attempt. So how do you bounce back from that? Usually you don’t. But love, like a lot of things, works in mysterious ways and when something bad happens, something good can ultimately come out of it. Just ask Melissa Dohme, who’s near fatal ending with her last relationship led to her living happily ever after.

It’s almost impossible to imagine that someone could go from being put in the hospital to smiling and being happy again.

But that’s what happened to Melissa Dohme, and unfortunately, she was forced to taste the bitterness in life before she was able to experience the sweetness.

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In 2012, Melissa Dohme was attacked by the last person she would ever expect to hurt her ever.

Out of nowhere, her boyfriend ended up beating her and stabbing her 32 times and he clearly had every intention of ending her life.

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