Truly Inspiring Children Whose Acts Of Kindness Will Warm Your Heart

So heart-warming!

As parents, you can rarely tell if you did a good job with your kid(s) until your child(ren) are grown up and it’s too late to do anything about it. That being said, sometimes children can amaze us with their capacity for kindness and these examples are perfect testaments to that…


This boy saved his money for a year. He decided to use his savings to make lunches for homeless people with the help of his mom. He bought a tonne of food using his $120 and perfectly executed his inspiring idea.



Christian got bullied at school because he grew out his hair for two years – but his reason for doing so is truly touching! He didn’t complain at all since he knew he was growing it so he could donate it to other children suffering from cancer.

Florida Today
Florida Today


Ken, who is nine-years-old, created an animal shelter in his garage, supplying shelter and food for homeless dogs.

Happy Animals Club
Happy Animals Club

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