Waitress Serves Same Old Man Every Day, Then He Stops Showing Up & She Gets A Phone Call…

What a way to say “thank you”!

Jobs that involve direct contact with customers aren’t easy. Waiters and waitresses deserve a lot more respect than they receive, having to remain cheery and polite even if customers are the exact opposite.

Waitress Melina Salazar has that key characteristic – maintaining her cheerful disposition and patience – which is why she was the only server who could handle the restaurant’s grumpiest patron, Buck Swords. What is even more incredible is that she did so because it was her job, she had no idea about the generous reward she would receive!

Melina was a waitress at a Brownsville, Texas restaurant, where she was known for her kind nature and friendly service.

YouTube / victorcristianonet

Walter “Buck” Swords was an 89-year-old World War 2 veteran who was known for coming in every day and being cranky, short-tempered and impatient with the restaurant’s staff. Despite his grumpy nature, every day for seven years, Melina took his order with a smile on her face and delivered his food piping hot, exactly how he liked it.

YouTube /victorcristianonet

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