Kitten Found Frozen Was Brought Back To Life With The Warmest Love.

The power of love and care can change the face of the planet

It’s often said that the power of love and care can change the face of the planet. While humans tend to forget such important life lessons, nature surely has a way of reminding us. The innocence of a little kid and selflessness of our pets are probably the closest ways humanity will ever experience unconditional love. The Foster Department of The Humane Society of Utah witnessed one such story when a kitten made a narrow escape after it was found frozen on a window sill.

“She had been discovered on a window sill in West Jordan, Utah, frozen to a blanket,” said Deann Shepherd of the Humane Society during an interview.

Elsa, the kitten, was brought to The Humane Society of Utah on January 2, which was a Monday evening. The little kitten was in a very bad shape and was ice cold.

The Humane Society of Utah / Facebook

She was barely alive and struggling for every breath.

One of the vets immediately started nursing Elsa and came up with a plan to bring her temperature back to normal. The vet gave her plenty of warm fluids to rehydrate her. He even kept her on a heating blanket to make sure that the kitty was being warmed up. Eventually he saw that all of his efforts were paying off as little Elsa was slowly coming back to life.

The Humane Society of Utah / Facebook

“We weren’t sure if she was going to make it through the evening but luckily she did. She is a bit skinny and suffered frostbite on the tips of her ears, but she is in good spirits,” added Dean.

When Elsa was brought in, she was just about 8 to 10 weeks old. Although the staff of HSU was skeptical if Elsa would ever make it through, she did so like a champ. The next morning, Elsa woke up smiling, purring and meowing.

The Humane Society of Utah / Facebook

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