Waitress Received A $3000 Tip, But The ‘Conditions’ Were Truly Heartbreaking.

Their lives may possibly have been minimize limited but the effects they depart behind is felt by absolutely everyone they touched.

Parents who lose a child, often find it hard to move forward for fear they will forget their child’s sweet face, inquisitive eyes, their little voice, their scent, and laughter. Their lives may have been cut short but the impact they leave behind is felt by everyone they touched. Even complete strangers can feel love for a child they never met.

It is hard to move forward, even more difficult is knowing how to honour that precious being who is never forgotten. Richard Specht and his wife lost their 22-month-old son Richard Edwin-Ehmer Specht (Rees) when he drowned in the backyard pond of their home, on October 27, 2012.

Through the grief, the family wanted to honour Rees and make the world a better place in his name. They started the foundation ReesSpecht Life, a pay-it-forward movement of good deeds.

The family writes on the foundation website that “Our little Boy’s life was brief, but we hope to make his legacy eternal. We all possess the ability to do something Super: Respect each other, respect ourselves: ReesSpecht life.”

They have set up a memorial scholarship in the boy’s name.

via: reesspechtlife

The Spechts also hand out business cards that encourages strangers to do good deeds.

They initially printed 5,000 business cards. That number has increased to over 240,000 being handed out.

via: reesspechtlife

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