Which Egg Do You Think Came From An Actually Healthy Chicken? I Had No Idea

Are you sure that egg you are having is from healthy chicken?

You may love eggs or add them in your meal daily to get nutrients and proteins, but are you sure that egg you are having is from healthy chicken?   Undoubtedly eggs are best source of protein and most of the people have managed their diet from egg. Some love boiled eggs, some make omlette, but how to judge that eggs we are eating is healthy or not? To have the idea, you must read below story:

“Last Week I was on vacation in farm country, and I ordered egg sunny side up, when I went out for breakfast. When was served with my ordered, I noticed that the yolk was usually orange, rather than yellow, in color. But when I ate them, I found them incredibly delicious. When I asked the man, who served me the breakfast, about this egg, he told me that those were ‘farm fresh’ egg and they come from healthy chicken. He also told me that the quality of egg much depend on the health of chicken than the quality of grain we are feeding them.” So, after discovering the fact, I thought that I should be sharing the same with you. 

From Where You Get Eggs, Three Sources May Be? Right?

Number one Directly from the farm, second market and third one from the supermarket. To show you how to check the quality we are sharing a video in which a video maker collected eggs from all three sources.

via: zeppfeed

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