This Is What Men Are Thinking When They Put Their Hand On A Woman’s Knee!

Your body language will say a lot more than your words on how you feel towards your partner.

In a relationship it is really important to communicate, not just with words but with body language too. Your body language will say a lot more than your words on how you feel towards your partner. If you are on a date with someone for the first time how you look, how greet the person etc. will leave an impression about your personality. Here your body language plays an important role as a touch says or conveys a lot more than your words.

Recently it was asked on a social media platform ‘what a touch on thigh of girl could mean to a guy’. While there were a few answers to it, scroll over to find what really goes on in mind of people 

A Touch Can Mean A Lot

Any touch on any part of the body can mean a lot of different things to people. It also would depend what stage the relationship is in. For a first time dating couple it may be too adventurous to reach out and touch a thigh, but then it will all depend upon the body language between the two.

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It Depends On Individual Personality Too

A touch on a thigh can certainly scare off some girls but for some it may mean –the guy in control and that’s what this type of girl may like. For some men it may be a step forward and would wait for the girl to react-if the touch is welcomed-then this certainly means a green signal to go ahead and make the best of the moment. The general rule here would be “when in doubt-leave it out” as what could be a simple or casual touch for man, it can be a hint or sign to girl that the man is interested in her physically. And this can bring a friction in the relationship.

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