What Would You Do For $1 Billion? Americans Responded And The Results Are Disturbing!

How much are your morals worth?

#1 Shocking Answers

Well, give it a thought! If there’s a chance that you could get $1 Billion but you’ll have to do something to earn it, what can you do?!

Americans responsed to this question and the answers are indeed shocking! Check them out ahead!

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#2 Posing Nude For A Magazine

As many as 6% Americans gave their affirmation for posing nude for a magazine to bag a mere sum of $ 1000 $!

About 15% of them were willing to murder another person than poison a stray animal. Shocking!

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#3 Steal A Bike For $10,000

As the prices for the bet went high, so did the willingness to do anything to bag that amount! More respondents were gathered to ask about it and about 10% of the Americans who responded were willing to knowingly spend counterfeit money, lie under oath, or steal a bike. 20% would shoplift, steal a street sign, or even flash a stranger for that amount.

via: warpedspeed

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