A Popular Drink Almost Killed Her And Now She Is Warning Others

She slowly weaned herself off of the addiction, but it took six months to recover.

There are certain drinks that many of us may consume on a daily basis and we don’t really give it much thought. Some of them become popular because of marketing tactics and they may be quite addictive as well. Among all of the popular drinks are energy drinks, and they may provide some benefits, as long as you don’t overdo it. One woman living in England found out about this the hard way.

Mary Allwood is a 26-year-old woman and thanks to her addiction to energy drinks, she was mistaken for an alcoholic. She was bloated and had a damaged liver. When she told the doctors that she drank 12 or more cans of Red Bull on a daily basis, because she “could not live” without drinking that amount, it shocked them all.

When you break it down, she was spending approximately $3000 on an annual basis for Red Bull alone. It’s like drinking 15 cups of coffee and eating 17 bars of chocolate when you add up the sugar and caffeine.

via: viralslot

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