The Most Laugh-Out-Loud Reverse Pet Shamers Of All Time

Dogs always get the last laugh!

We’ve all seen those photos of people pet shaming their animals. You know, the furry little darling has done something wrong at home, and their owner tells the internet about it. Well, the door swings both ways, brothers and sisters. Yup, and it has shut swung straight into these pet owners’ butts! Here are 12 of the Most Laugh-Out-Loud Reverse Pet Shamers Of All Time…

Who could refuse a cute face like that?

You’re feeling too sorry for yourself to take your dog to the park? A walk is like their idea of a great night out! So just take the poor guy out for a walk, already! It’s like his version of hitting a few bars and sinking 8 beers and then passing out on the couch. Then again, he’s probably not allowed on the couch.

via: auntyacid

What has he been trying to sniff, exactly?

Dogs use their sense of smell to ‘see’ the world, right? Well, that’s kinda like somebody throwing a blindfold over your head every time you look at the scenery when you go for a walk. At least this shameful lady takes her little guy out for walks, not like the first owner.

via: auntyacid

This dog’s sense of style is offended

Yeah, he looks like he hates it. He’s trying to beg for help with his eyes. This lady obviously likes to dress her couch up like a pepperoni pizza, so I can only imagine what she dresses that poor dude up like.

via: auntyacid

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