This Mom Is Furious At School Who Pulled Out Her Child’s Teeth Without Warning

I’m sorry, what??

Nobody likes the dentist. Some people are flat out terrified of going while others feel the general discomfort of having someone looking at you that closely and with so many pointy metal things.

For this poor child, his feelings towards the dentist were not helped at all when his school spontaneously removed three of his teeth without his mother’s permission or even painkillers to deal with the aftermath. To make matters worse, the surprise surgery caused nine-year-old Michael Flemming to miss the bus and he had to walk home!

via: auntyacid

This concerning behavior has led to a lot of questions. Why were Michael’s teeth removed without his mother’s consent? Why wasn’t he given any pain medication? Why did the school allow him to walk home alone?

Well, mom Shandra is furious and is demanding answers!

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