People Are Posting Their Refugee Stories After Trump’s #MuslimBan, And They’ll Break Your Heart

President’s actions have torn apart families across the world, and doomed the lives of others.

When Donald Trump signed an executive order on Friday banning citizens of Muslim-majority countries from entering the US, and suspending the Refugee Admissions Program, he did a lot more than just anger activists.

The order has left legal US residents stranded in their home countries, or in airports along the way, simply because they hold passports from Iran, Iraq, or one of five other countries on Trump’s list. These are people with homes, family and friends in the US whom they are now separated from for at least 90 days, all in the name of preventing “foreign terrorist entry”. Let’s not forget about the thousands of refugees in Syria and elsewhere whose dreams of finding safety and peace are now crushed, and who may very well meet their deaths before the ban is lifted.

Massive protests erupted at major airports across the nation, and the Trump administration is already buried in lawsuits related to the travel restrictions. Parts of the ban preventing the movement of Green-card holders have reportedly been lifted, but the President’s actions have already torn apart families across the world, and doomed the lives of others.

#1 Refugee Stories

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#2 Refugee Stories

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