People Reveal The Weirdest Things Children Have Asked Them

Kids, man…

Kids come out with the weirdest questions. Sometimes, the questions are so odd that we just wish they’d go back to that infuriating “why?” stage…

1. word_nerd7623

My nephew asked his Kindergarten teacher, “How did people make the first tools, if they didn’t have any tools?” I thought that was pretty sophisticated for a 5 year old. He also asked me when he was 6 (he was playing with action figures), “What if the ‘bad guys’ think they’re the ‘good guys’? And what if the guys I think are good are really bad?”

2. TetrisToExcess

A child approached my father, who is 6’6′, and asked “Mister, are you God?”

3. keepcalmandgraduate

“Why is hate more important than love? I can love my mom and love cookies but its not the same love. But if I say I hate broccoli everyone gets mad saying its a bad word. Why isn’t love a super good word if hate is super bad?”

Words from the six year old I babysit.

4. nobodythatimportant

As a camp counselor I had a cabin of 7 and 8 year olds for three days and two nights. On the last day I’m sitting next to one of the kids and he asks me.

“Are your parents dead?”

I respond “Uhhh, no. Why do you ask?”

He says, “I’d be very sad if my parents were dead. I’m glad yours aren’t either, lets go swimming!”

I just sat there for thirty seconds and thought about it. After they left that day I called my parents and told them I loved them. Kids, man.

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