This Woman Dropped Six Dress Sizes After Her Boyfriend Dumped Her On A “Romantic” Weekend

There’s always some good to come from a break-up.

Everyone’s been through a break-up. When it’s still fresh, it feels like the end of the world. You’ve spent x amount of time building a life with another person only to have the rug pulled out from under you and you’re left at a loss for how to start over.

But it gets better. Eventually, over time, we heal and we learn that relationships ending are usually for the best. It allows us to move on and find people better suited to us in the long run.

There’s always some good to come from a break-up, and for Sian Ryan, her silver lining was that her insomnia post-breakup meant a lot of late night gym sessions – meaning that now she looks and feels fantastic!

via: auntyacid

During a “romantic” weekend in Brighton, UK, Sian’s boyfriend broke up with her out of the blue. Gutted and unable to sleep, Sian found herself going to the gym to take her mind off her recent breakup.

During her relationship, Sian peaked at 19 stone, she said “I would party all the time and eat junk. I’d drink liters and liters of sugary, full-fat cola and loved takeaway pizzas. I’d go to McDonald’s and get two portions of food. I never touched vegetables. It was never-ending.”

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