A Woman Was Fired After She Had a Violent Allergic Reaction at Work

Imagine being at work and suddenly having a violent, deadly allergic reaction, and in the middle of this terrifying experience, you get fired.

#1 You’re Fired!

Danielle Duperreault suffered a violent, deadly allergic reaction at her Urban Planet job, and to top it all off she was fired because of this. It all began when she came into contact with bell peppers, a veggie she’s deathly allergic to.

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#2 Help!

Luckily Danielles coworker saw that she was in danger, and rushed her to a nearby medical clinic to receive a shot of epinephrine.The doctors said if I would have waited another ten minutes I would be dead,” she wrote on Facebook.

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#3 A Viral Story

She began show experience anaphylaxis as her mouth and throat began to close up, but her manager didn’t seem to care…

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