This Is How One Mother Saved Her Children From Death When They Got Caught In The Middle Of Blazing Wildfire

A mother’s love knows no bounds.

A mother’s love knows no bounds.

Most mothers would walk to Hell and back just to protect us from anything and everything.

Our mothers truly love us and prove it to us on almost a daily basis.

Where would we be without our mothers?

Well, without their mother beside them to protect them, Silvana Garcia’s daughters would be dead.

via: auntyacid

Thanks to Silvana’s quick thinking, she and her daughters were able to protect themselves from being burnt by a wildfire.

The wildfire spread throughout the family’s city, Hualquin in the Biobio Regin. The wildfire engulfed their home, and was threatening to take their lives.

via: auntyacid

That’s where Silvana’s quick thinking swooped in and saved the day.

The desperate mother found a water ditch, and she told her daughters to get in the ditch.

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