12 Savage Cakes That Will Make You Realize Your Life Isn’t So Bad After All.

Who said that cakes had to be nice to you?

Cakes are amazing and delicious.

They can make really turn a bad day into something special.

Honestly, is there any situation that isn’t improved by cake?

Cakes have become a stable sweet treat in many celebrations, and they’re utterly delicious.

I’m always apprehensive about attending a party where I know there won’t be cake there. Even if I’ve known the person since we were children.

Get a cake and I’ll reconsider whether I’m going or not.

I know it sounds cruel, but at least I’m being honest.

But you never expect cakes to have the same approach to people, or for them to be cruel or sarcastic.

We’ve only ever seen sweet cakes with loving messages iced onto them.

But no, apparently not.

These savage but hilarious cakes are utterly wonderful and will bring tears of joy to your eyes. They also look utterly delicious.


Let’s hope he wasn’t given this cake at a party full of his friends.



Well, that’s the most brutally honest leaving cake I’ve ever seen. I wonder if it was a joke or they were just really happy that person was leaving



Wow, that motivational cake is extremely demotivating.


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