Adopted Baby Won’t Let New Mom Hold Her. Then She Realizes What Went Horribly Wrong!


Tina Traster and her husband always wanted a child, and so when they finally decided to adopt, they were absolutely thrilled at the idea of starting a family. Once they had adopted little Julia from a Siberian orphanage, Russia, they began to notice something very strange about her. The child seemed distant and didn’t want to connect with Tina or her husband. She would not look her mom in the eyes or even let her hold her. As you can imagine, this struggle was utterly heartbreaking for Tina – all she wanted to do was love and support her adopted daughter.

What’s more, Tina blamed herself. She believed that Julia’s distance was down to her own parenting and thought that she had failed as a mother already.

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“For a while, weeks, maybe months, I sank deeper and deeper into depression, thinking I’d made a terrible mistake. Maybe I wasn’t cut out to be a mother?” Tina later wrote on her blog!

As time went on, the problem only got worse and worse. When Julia started pre-school, there were yet more issues down the road. Tina noticed that Julia would often be alone when she went to pick her up. Sometimes, she would even be hiding under a desk all by herself. It was then that Tina decided that she had to take action and find out what was going on.

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