Woman Transforms From ‘Fat Girl’ To ‘Bat Girl’ After NO Cosplay Costume Would Fit

She lost a whopping 70KG to fulfil her cosplay dream!

Casey Gemmell was horrified when she couldn’t fit into a 5XL Bat Girl costume she wanted to wear for a cosplay party and decided to ignite her magic powers and transform herself into a real life superhero.

It’s tough being a mom, and it can be hard to keep the pounds off after having kids, especially as we are surrounded by junk food. This is the struggle Casey faced and she admitted she had gained weight steadily since having kids, and now weighed over 159 kilos after eating the children’s left overs and junk food.

She hadn’t really noticed how much weight she had gained, until she saw one shocking photo of herself at her son’s superhero  themed birthday party.

via: auntyacid

When the size 5XL Bat Girl costume she had bought would barely zip up, she knew she had to change her life and lose some weight.

‘I’ve always liked food and had been brought up to eat everything that was put on my plate,’ Ms Gemmell said to our source at the Daily Mail.

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