Her School Asked Her To Introduce A Soldier, But She Had No Idea It Was A Man She Hadn’t Seen In Over A Year

We literally would’ve had a heart attack…

#1 A True Hero

15-year Veteran Jason Michael Webb has been deployed overseas more times than he can count, leaving behind his family never knowing if he’ll safely return. Like many other military families, uncertainty and fear is apart of their daily lives because of just how dangerous the job can be.

#2 Saving The Country

He was even deployed when daughter Haley was born, making it one of the saddest moments in his life. Her mother had always reassured Haley that her father is serving the country and protecting it through sacrifice.

#3 Vet’s Day

Years later, Haley is a high school student in Independence, Missouri, and hasn’t seen her father for a year and a half. Not knowing when she is going to see him next, she got the surprise of a lifetime all thanks to her school and father.

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