Mom Realizes Too Late Why Her Son Didn’t Want to Go to School When She Finds Him Hanging From the Bunkbed

This could happen to any of us.

#1 “My son hung himself.”

It’s hard to imagine what this mother might be going through. Cornelia Reynolds’s life was torn apart on January 26. That day, she went into her only child’s room, and found him hanging lifeless from his bunk bed.
“My son hung himself,” she says.
Gabriel, was a very young child, he was only eight years old. He was a good third grade student who attended Carson Elementary in Price Hill, Ohio.


#2 Signs

She says that she had no idea he was so distressed. She would always ask him if there was something wrong, but he never opened up. “Every day I asked, ‘How was your day, baby?’ He would tell me, ‘It was fine, mommy.’”
Looking back, she believes that there were signs. He was at the school nurse’s offece frequently, and he would often try to be allowed to stay home from school. She now believes that that must have been Gabriel’s way of telling her that he was being bullied.

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#3 “He Just Didn’t Know How To Tell Me”

“I guess he didn’t know how to tell me stuff was happening. Him going to the nurse’s station or him not wanting to go to school, that was his way of trying to communicate with me. That was his way. He probably didn’t want to say, ‘Ma, somebody’s bullying or picking on me,’ you know? He just didn’t know how to tell me.”
Antonio Smith, Gabriel’s art teacher, believes the 8-year-old was targeted by bullies because he was perceived as “different”.

via: ijr

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