Blind Man Sees Wife For The 1st Time, Utters 2 Words That Put Everyone In Tears

This is such a beautiful moment. The blind man sees his wife and kids for the first time using technology.

#1 – Meet Gene Purdie

A lot of us take things for granted. How many times have you looked into the eyes of a loved one, not appreciating the wonder that is sight? How lucky are we to be able to see the colors, she shapes, the amazing beauty of the life around us? Gene Purdie is not so lucky.

via: faithtap


#2 – Stargardt’s Disease

Gene Purdie suffers from a rare condition called Stargardt’s disease. It means he can only see vague outlines of things in front of him. He can’t see the faces of his family. That all changed when Rachael Ray invited him onto her show for an amazing moment.

via: faithtap


#3 – eSight Glasses

Rachael presented Gene with a pair of top-of-the-line eSight glasses. These glasses would enable him to see his wife’s beautiful face for the first time in his life. He smiled a huge smile and said, “You’re beautiful” to his wife, who was in tears. What an amazing moment.

via: faithtap


#4 – Watch The Full Video

You NEED to watch the full video to fully appreciate this. It’s such an amazing moment, there’s no wonder that this video is going viral!

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