This is What Happens When You Buy a Himalayan Salt Lamp

You have probably seen a Himalayan salt lamp somewhere, but you likely don’t know all the ways it impacts you.

#1 – Himalayan pink salt lamps have a number of benefits

They involve the interactions between positive and negative ions, which help to make up atoms and the specific interaction caused by Himalayan salt lamps means the following positive effects on those that own them.

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#2 – They will melt with too much exposure to humidity, so place them strategically with this in mind

They can purify and deodorize air through hygroscopy, their ability to attract water molecules and absorb them from the air. While the water evaporates into the air, the undesirable particles it carries with it, such as dust, remain in the lamp.

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#3 – They can reduce allergy and asthma symptoms

Related to purifying the air, the absorption of dust, mildew, mold, pet related particles, and other allergens means that you may find yourself less disturbed by the things that usually leave you hacking and sneezing.

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