Mom Writes Letter To Punish Her Entitled Son, Has No Idea The Entire Internet Is Reading It

She know how to set priorities straight.

#1 – Liar

Heidi Johnson confronted her 13-year-old son when she found out that he had lied about doing his homework. The teenager’s answer was that he had a job and was making money, and that he would eventually do it.
The way Aaron is making a little money is with YouTube videos. So he feels like he’s entitled to some independence and to make his own choices.

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#2 – The Letter

Heidi dealt with it in a brilliant manner. She wanted to teach him a lesson, to show him what it would be like if they were equals, that is, if she treated him like a roommate. She wrote him a letter an left it by his door. It was a letter of mutual understanding, stating how things would have to change if he was now independent. And it’s hilarious!
She intended to share the letter only with friends and family, but somehow it went viral, and has been shared over 165.000 times!
Aaron read it and stormed out of the apartment. Heidi thought that “When he could be respectful, and I was more calm, we would discuss it further.”

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#3 – A Contract

Somehow, it worked. Aaron returned one hour later and apologized, asking his mom what he could do to make things right. Heidi then wrote a detailed contract with a set of guidelines. They incorporated how he would complete his homework, help out around the house, not cuss, etc. And it worked too.
So sometimes, thinking outside the box gets the best results.

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