They Realize Elephant Is Walking Over To Ask For Help. They Take Action, Save His Life

They take action and save his life.

#1 – Shot In The Head

In Zimbabwe, an elephant survived after being shot. It was a male bull, and he was shot in the head. He had a hole a couple of inches above the post that would have meant a certain ‘killshot’, vets say.
They believe it was the doing of poachers but that the elephant was shot outside the Mana Pools park and somehow made his way inside for treatment.

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#2 – Seeking Help

According to vets from the Aware Trust, it can sometimes be a race against time to find animals that are injured. This ‘gentle’ bull appeared, showing no signs of aggression.
Dr Lisa Marabini told the BBC: ‘It’s like it knew we were there with the intention of helping it. We think it was shot outside the park and came inside for refuge.’

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#3 – “Hurry Up And Wait”

”Hurry up and wait’ is a common saying in wildlife circles as it usually takes more time to find the animal than it does to treat it,”, added a spokesman for the trust.
But on June 13, Pretty Boy seemed to have heard they’d arrived in Mana Pools, and showed up for examination within half an hour, coming right up to their car.


via: dailymail

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