City Builds Entire Community Of Tiny Houses For Homeless Veterans To Live In For Free

This is how you treat veterans

#1 – Protect The Community

Homelessness has become an epidemic in the past few decades, proving not everyone is cared for and afforded the same basic necessities we’re all used to having. But thankfully, one Miissouri group said enough is enough, and decided to put their energy into helping veterans who were living on the streets.

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#2 – Helping The Homeless

While programs, charities and shelters already exist to help the homeless, those programs need complete overhauls if they wish to truly help a person in need. Many people believe the homeless want to live on the streets and do drugs all day, but many have been forced into the situation because of tragic events.

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#3 – Miniature Homes

Thanks to the Missouri organization Veterans Community Project realized that most people living on the streets are veterans of the American military, ant they’ve now been tossed aside because they can no longer serve. The group decided to build a whole village of miniature houses for the homeless vets to live in, allowing them privacy and a warm place to lay their heads at night.

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