College Freshman Found Dead In Her Dorm Room After A Night Of Binge-Drinking

One night changed everything

#1 – I Love College

18-year-old Erica Buschick was excited to attend Miami University in Ohio, so much that she posted a message which would turn out to be her last one ever. ‘I wanna go to college for the rest of my life,’ she wrote on Facebook in November. Sadly, her body was found two months later in her dorm room at Morris Hall on campus.

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#2 – Girls Night

Miami University Police Departmen says the freshman consumed way too much champagne and vodka while partying with friends. She was so intoxicated that she couldn’t walk, forcing her friends to escort her back to her dorm to sleep it off. But unfortunately she never woke up.

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#3 – Vodka And More Vodka

She and her friends began drinking two bottles of champagne at 10pm, then filled Dasani water about halfway with vodka before heading off to a party. The entire bottle of vodka was consumed by 10.45pm, only 45 minutes after they began drinking! Her friends then brought a bottle of Grey Goose vodka to keep the party going…

via:  dailymail

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