France Just Passed a Law That Bans Parents from Spanking Their Kids

Depending on your views about child discipline, this story may either seem like a welcomed relief or an overreach of government.

#1 – On December 22, 2016 France passed the “Equality and Citizenship Bill”

It places a national ban on corporal punishment, one form of which is spanking but also includes flogging, caning, and other renditions of physical discipline.

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#2 – This is a civil issue in the courts, with child abuse being criminal

The law is aimed at eliminating “humiliating and degrading” forms of punishment used on children. But does it go too far in its reach?

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#3 – Some parents may see fit to discipline their children as they want

“Ending cruel, degrading or humiliating treatment is an indispensable component of a comprehensive national strategy for the prevention and elimination of violence against children. It lays the foundation for a culture of respect for children’s rights; safeguards children’s dignity and physical integrity; and encourages positive discipline and education of children through non-violent means,” Marta Santos Pais, a special secretary representative of the United Nations who specializes in child protection, said in a statement supporting the new law.

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#4 – Some experts say each child should be treated differently, and that spanking should not necessarily be ruled out

“What parents need to do depends upon the kind of non-compliance that the child is showing,” said Robert Larzelere, a professor of human development and family science at Oklahoma State University.

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#5 – But now in France spanking will be cause for legal repurcussions

We wonder what implementing this law will look like, however. Will the children go to authorities and risk their parents having to deal with a civil citation?

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#6 – How do you see the spanking issue?

Society as a whole is definitely moving away from corporal punishment, but each parent is often unique in their preferred method of discipline.

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