Hospice Worker Walks Up To Dying Woman’s Bed While She Sleeps, Then They Catch This On Camera

Her daughter-in-law caught the whole thing on tape…

#1 – Teacher Redmond

Mary Redmond laid on her death bed in hospice care, barely hanging on to life each day. The sick woman was an acclaimed former teacher who was always known for being kind, patient and caring with her students.

via: youtube


#2 – A Thankful Student

That kindness in her career paid off when she least expected it, because a former student of hers actually worked as a hospice caretaker. Josh remembers the times she helped him in class, made him feel smart and ensured that he’d be something one day.

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#3 – Sing A Song

Josh decided to soothe Mary during this difficult time, so he pulled out his phone and began to sing to her. You’d be surprised what a little music and singing can do to a person when they’re completely down and barely hanging on.

via: youtube


#4 – Grab Your Tissue…

Mary probably never expected she’d see one of her students while on her death bed, but we’re sure he appeared like a guardian angel to her. It’s great to see someone who helped shape the minds of the youth being thanked when she needs it the most.

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