Pregnant Mom Speeds to ER, Fearing Miscarriage. But Worst Nightmare Is Miracle in Disguise

She never knew the pain was actually a good thing

#1 – What’s That Pain?

Julie Davidson from Gainesville, Ga. was rushed to the ER for lower back pain, automatically assuming there was something wrong with her unborn child. After arriving to the hopsital, she and her husband Justin were told just what that back pain meant…

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#2 – 4 Babies!

The couple was now expecting quadruplets! The two were ecstatic that nothing was wrong with the pregnency, but completely shocked that they’d be having 4 children at once. Before getting the news, Justin constantly joked that he thought they were having twins with Julie replying “I’m its mom, I know there’s only one baby in there.”

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#3 – Welcome Girls!

“Mama and babies are doing good! McKenna weighed 3 lbs, Teagan weighed 3lbs 2oz, Callie weighed 2lbs 6 oz, and Sawyer weighed 2lbs 10oz! As of right now she hasn’t needed blood, and the babies are all where they’re suppose to be medically for 30.3 weeks! We do ask we have no visitors for now so we can spend time together as a family. Thank you so much for you’re prayers! Now we just want the sweet girls to do as best they can!
Top right is Callie
Top left is Teagan
Bottom right is Mckenna
Bottom left is Sawyer”

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#4 – Quads born to north Georgia couple – YouTube

After being pregnant for 30 weeks, jJulia was admitted to the hospital in December of 2016 and didn’t give birth to her four daughters until January 21, 2017!

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