Rattlesnake In Toilet Leads To Discovery Of 23 More Living In Family’s House

No… way… This is so damn creepy… Rattlesnakes in the toilet?

#1 – Rattlesnake In The Toilet

What could be worse than finding a rattlesnake in your toilet? Well that’s exactly what one family discovered in their house recently. But that’s not even the worse part…

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#2 – A Child Found The Snake

One of the youngest children in the household was the one to stumble upon the rattlesnake hiding in the toilet. He’s very lucky, because rattlesnakes are incredibly dangerous and have a venomous bite. He’s probably going to be scared of toilets for the rest of his life!

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#3 – There Was A Whole Family Of Them

The mother, Cassie McFadden, quickly killed the snake with a shovel after they saw it in the toilet. But then they found a whole family of them living under the house when they called in a snake removal team! 13 snakes were found.

via: distractify

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