A Bump On Your Wrist Can Mean That You May Have A Potentially Serious Condition, See The Doctor Quickly

Wrist swelling can indicate the presence of 5 serious medical conditions.

#1 – Tenosynotitis

Tenosynotitis is when the fluid-filled chords that are attached to the tendons become inflamed. It’s caused by injuring the wrist through physical activity. Symptoms include pain, swelling, difficulty moving your hand and wrist, and or redness along the length of the tendon. It’s important to check with your doctor if you notice these symptoms because it could be a sign of an underlying infection. If left untreated, your body could go into septic shock, which can result in death. Yes, DEATH.

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#2 – Kienböck’s Disease

Kienböck’s disease affects the blood supply to the small bones in the wrist called the lunate. Bones are alive and they need nutrition from the blood to stay alive. Which means that a painful and stiff wrist could actually be the symptoms of osteonecrosis – dying bones. Once the bone dies, it’s not coming back. It becomes brittle and breaks. No more hand.

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#3 – Ganglions

Ganglions are non-cancerous lumps that can grow up to 2.5 cm. They are filled with fluid. Although ganglions are not necessarily dangerous, they can damage the nerves in the wrist and hand. If you notice one, see your doctor. He might need to drain it to prevent nerve damage.

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