Family Comes Home To Find Their Beloved Dog Murdered, Then Dad Spots Note On Counter

It’s quite often that we’re reminded that there are both good and evil people in the world. For this family, they faced a tragedy that just kept getting worse and worse.

#1 – Man’s Bestie

Losing a pet can be one of the most emotionally straining and depressive times in any pet owner’s life. Your dog truly becomes a part of your family and soon enough, the dog will become the centerpiece of your family’s relationship. Their loyalty, compassion and undying love for their owners and family is unmatched so when their death comes, it can be a heartbreak like no other. For this family, however, their story gets even more depressing.

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#2 – The Story

Mary Kate Hallock came home to her 11-year-old dog dead in her home. Her loving dog, Gloria, was laying on the ground when Mary Kate and her husband found a chilling note on a nearby table. “Your dog was shot and killed by a police officer due to threats,” read the note.

The poor dog was confronted with police officers after the alarm system at the Hallock home went off. With Gloria in a “threatening stance,” an officer pulled his gun out of fear and shot the canine.

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#3 – RIP Gloria

“But why? Why did the officers have to shoot the animal?” These are the questions that plagued the family in the incident’s aftermath. The family notes that their home will never be complete again because of Gloria’s absence and any pet owner can relate.

Their two children are 15 and 11 years old and are having a hard time understanding what happened. The children continue to act as if Gloria is just around the corner, but they’re soon settling in to the reality. While the family does not want to press charges on the police department, they do plan on helping them figure out how to not have this happen to any other loyal family dog.

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