Mom Left In Tears When No One Turned Up To Her Autistic Little Girl’s Birthday

Everybody cancelled… but strangers around the world saved the day

#1 – Rihanna’s Birthday

26-year-old Candy Butchers organized a woderful birthday party in celebration of her daughter Rihanna turning nine. Although Rihanna is autistic and has few friends, the family expected the day to be filled with love and laughter from everyone invited. But before the party even began, guests began to cancel one by one, leaving the mom and daughter heartbroken.

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#2 – She Was Excited…

‘Rhianna is autistic, she’s high functioning but she doesn’t get the social cues,’ Candy said. ‘She gets bullied a lot and didn’t have any friends to invite. I invited my friends and their children.’ Rihanna was counting down the days until her big day arrived, excited that she’d get to play with kids her age and open gifts.

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#3 – The Cancellations

‘I invited 25 people,’ the 26-year-old explained. ‘Of that 10 people said that they were going to come, but everyone cancelled. I went outside. I sat out there for a good hour or two bawling my eyes out,’ she said. ‘I don’t know how to tell her nobody is coming. How do I explain to a nine year old with autism that nobody is coming to her birthday party? I felt so heartbroken. I felt like a failure as a mum.’

via: dailymail

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