Mom Refuses Son To Use Her Sewing Machine Then Dad Discovers His Secret Hobby

They discovered why he wanted to sew

#1 – He Wants To Sew

Sonya Whittaker was worried when her 9-year-old son Campbell “Bubble” Remess asked her to use her sewing machine for a secret project, out of fear that he’d be made fun of at school. But she quickly realized the reason why he wanted to use the machine was a selfless act she could’ve never imagined.

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#2 – Can We Help?

Campbell asked his parents if he could buy toys to cheer up the children who lived in the hospital due to serious illnesses, but they told him they simply couldn’t afford it. The family of ten had enough people to feed and take care of, so helping another child wasn’t possible.

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#3 – A Giving Child

That’s when the giving little boy decided that if he couldn’t buy gifts he’d make them on his own instead. Through trial and error, Campbell taught himself how to use a sewing machine and made a hand-sewn all to make the sick children smile on Christmas.

via: youtube

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