Dad Finds Hidden Envelope In Daughter’s Car Glovebox, Loses It When He Reads Letter Inside

He thought it was the perfect car for his daughter

Daughters New Car

Kevin Duke picked out what he thought was the perfect car for his daughter who was turning 16 in a few weeks. He made sure the car was in great shape, checking every compartment and driving it around for a while. The excited teen couldn’t wait to get on the road with her new car, but dad made sure it was safe enough for his little girl.

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New Car Owner

When he looked in the glovebox, he noticed a mysterious envelope laying there. “Well, yesterday I’m in it tinkering around and I open this storage compartment on top of the dash (which I’ve opened a half dozen times already). This time I notice a rubber mat in the bottom of it and for whatever reason, I pull it out,” Kevin explained.

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A Tough Life

The letter explained the previous owner of the car was the writer’s mom, and she kept the car for years to hold onto the memory of her. The writer unfortunately also lost her aunt and six-year-old daughter in a house fire. The high cost of the funerals is what prompted her to sell her mothers car.

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