The Internet Is Going Crazy About These Photos Of Young Justin Trudeau, And You Will Too

It’s no secret that Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, is a charming man. He’s been stealing people’s hearts from all over the world ever since he was elected.

I bet many of us will agree that Canada’s prime minister Justin Trudeau is great. Not only does the man support great causes like the Women’s March, but he also personally greeted Syrian refugees at the airport, he marched in Toronto’s Pride Parade, he’s fighting to reduce childhood poverty, and, well, he’s hot as hell. And he always has been.

Recently, the Internet has been blessed with pics of the prime minister when he was young. With those luscious locks and spellbinding eyes, it’s impossible not to drool over this Canadian thirst trap. See for yourselves below!

Recently, the Internet has been blessed with pics of the Canadian prime minister when he was young

via: boredpanda

And people just can’t stop staring at him

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With those luscious locks

via: boredpanda

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