Photos Show How a Mom Spent 16 Days With Her Dead Baby Girl

Losing any loved one can be an emotionally draining experience and losing a child is described as the toughest lost anyone can experience. Find out how this young couple buried their newborn daughter.

#1 – Meet Attila and Charlotte

Attila and Charlotte, 28 and 21, were happily expecting a newborn baby girl to change their lives forever — and she did. Unfortunately, 20 weeks into the pregnancy, they were informed that their daughter had a condition where her chromosomes were unbalanced.

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#2 – RIP Evyln

As a result, when baby Evyln was born, her lungs and airways were weak, her brain was struggling to keep up and breathing was extremely difficult. She was only able to live for four weeks before her parents had to give her up because she was not strong enough to continue battling through her tough and debilitating condition. She passed away in mid-January.

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#3 – Baby Walks

Before the doctors took her off of the breathing machine, the couple wanted to hold her for her last breaths. “She was so weak she didn’t take a single breath,” recalled the parents. Upon the child’s death, the two were able to go to something called the “Cuddle Cot,” where the parents were able to spend time with their baby. They were even allowed to walk out the hospice with the deceased child.

via: thefrenzybuzz

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