Thugs Go To Rob This Fast Food Restaurant, Have No Idea It’s Filled With 11 Special Forces Soldiers

They picked the wrong McDonald’s

#1 – A McDonald’s Robbery

France seems to be the city with the most high profile robbery’s as of late (Kim Kardashian’s jewel heist), and now a a local McDonalds was the latest victim.

via: yournationnews


#2 – Two Men

Two Frenchmen in their early twenties walked into an Eastern France McDonald’s, shooting their gun into the air to announce their presence.

via: tribunist


#3 – 11 Special Men

But the irony is that eleven of the forty McDonalds customers were special forces, who were trained to eliminate terrorists in public. The men decided not to pull out their guns, but instead wait for the perfect opportunity to arrest the robbers.

via: tribunist

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