7-year-old keeps getting bullied at school. Then a gang of bikers show up at her house

This mom would do anything for her child

#1 – The punishers

Alexandria Reynolds was devastated to learn that her 7-year old daughter Adriana was being picked on at school, but knew the teachers and principal could only do so much to stop it. The creative mother decided to use a different approach by calling on Toledo bike club ‘The Punishers’ for help.

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#2 – Bike Lover

Adriana’s peers made fun of her for over a year because she was different than most girls. Instead of playing dress up and tea time, Adriana liked motorcycles and to ride her own bike as if it were a Harley Davidson. So in hopes of showing the young girl that there’s nothing wrong with liking motorcycles, Alexandria called on The Punishers to give her a confidence boost.

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#3 – They Gave Her A Ride To School

“While they may look dark and dangerous,” the reporter said, “they are far from it.”

“Any chance we get, we’ll help these kids out in a heartbeat,” Daniel Bushey, President of The Punishers, was recorded saying.

via: youtube

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