5 Belly Blasting Exercises You Can Do Right From Your Chair!

No more excuses!

A sedentary lifestyle is a growing problem for many. Office workers are often seated at their desks for 8-10 hours a day, and this sort of immobility is toxic for the body.

The core tends to suffer most when we sit at our desks, as many of us sit hunched over our keyboards as we work. But we’ve got 5 core strengthening moves you can do, right at your desk, right now!

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Below, you’ll find Denise Austin, a popular fitness guru, ready to guide you through 5 very easy exercises that will help to tone and tuck your core. A strong core means no more slumping, no more rounded shoulders, and no more compression of your internal organs as you sit at your desk.

So, get ready to melt the fat away and tone your core!

Watch the video below!

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