The Magic Glove That Saved This Preemie Baby’s Life

What a thoughtful idea!

In 2001, Yamile Jackson happily anticipated the arrival of her very first baby. And for the few few months, the pregnancy seemed to be going quite well.

However, complications arose when Yamile developed the condition ‘pre-eclampsia,’ which is a lethal disorder that causes high blood pressure that can threaten the life of both mother and baby.

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Yamile’s life, and the life of her unborn baby were suddenly put into jeaprody. This first time mother didn’t know what to do, but her doctor’s informed her that her condition was non-negotiable. She would need to have an emergency c-section to safeguard the life of her baby, and to keep her health intact.

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In order to save mother and child, it was decided that Yamile should give birth immediately. A full 12 weeks before he was due, little Zachary came into this world. The preemie baby barely weighed 2.5 lb and had to spend his first 155 days in the ICU.

via: survley

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