Mom Disturbed By Secret Note She Finds In New Packet Of Diapers

How would you react to finding such a letter?

In September of 2015, Nicole Perez, a woman from Brighton, Michigan, discovered something disturbing.

She’d recently purchased a package of Tinkerbell underwear for her daughter, but when she opened it up, she found a note tucked between the pair of underwear. The note was written on a tiny slip of cardboard, and simply read: ‘Help Me! Plz.’ On the other side of the cardboard was the name ‘MayAnn Philippines’ and a phone number.

via: survley

The underwear in question was from a company called Handcraft Manufacturing Corporation.

Nicole quickly contacted the company, who apologized to her and offered to send her a fresh package of underwear. But that wasn’t the resolution Nicole wanted. She wanted to know who this woman was that had left the note, and whether she was in some kind of danger.

via: survley

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