Man Becomes Hero When He Blocked A Grenade To Save His Fellow Marines

Would you have done the same

To be deployed overseas as a US Marine is a huge responsibility. You have been sent to protect your country, but also to protect your fellow comrades in battle. It’s a daunting experience, made no easier by the fact that at any moment, you could be under enemy fire.

So, what would you do if you were ambushed by the enemy, with no clear cut escape, and a grenade dangerously close to you and your fellow comrades about to deploy?

Well, one William Kyle Carpenter found himself in this very situation. He was deployed to Afghanistan in 2010 to fight for his country as a United States Marine. He then earned the rank of Lance Corporal.

During a vicious firefight with the enemy, Kyle saw a grenade land just feet away from where he and another Marine were busy fighting.

via: survley

Without a second, though, Kyle used his body as a shield and covered the grenade. He was willing to give his life to save the life of a fellow Marine.

via: survley

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