Poor Teen Offers To Carry People’s Groceries To Their Cars In Exchange For Food

This young man just couldn’t seem to catch a break!

Sometimes, the circumstances of our life take an unhappy turn and things get tough. It’s not easy to survive, especially when you don’t have the resources to help yourself.

But when one young man tried to turn his fate around, he met an unwitting stranger that couldn’t help but be moved by the story this boy had to tell.

via: survley

He was starving

This is 16 year old Chauncy Black, and he was having a rough time. Both he and his mother were struggling for survival. They had a home together, but couldn’t afford to eat.

Tired and hungry, Chauncy took it upon himself to go into a Kroger grocery store in a higher end neighborhood. He wanted to offer to help strangers in exchange for a bite to eat.

via: survley

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